Astronaut Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism: All You Need To Know (2023)

Space has always been a source of fascination for humans, and what could be more exciting than being an astronaut – someone who gets to explore it? While a few people actually make their childhood dream come true by becoming an astronaut, many choose to get it tattooed. But what is the astronaut tattoo meaning?

Some consider it a symbol of patriotism, while others associate this tattoo with achievements. Whether you’re looking for a tattoo that represents your dreams of becoming an astronaut or you simply want a cool design, an astronaut tattoo is a great choice.

Plus, there are many different designs to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your personality perfectly.

Here’s everything you need to know about the meaning and symbolism behind this popular tattoo.

Astronaut Tattoo Symbolism

Astronauts are symbols of the space race and the exploration of outer space. The word “astronaut” comes from ancient Greek, and it means a sailor of the universe. So it only makes sense that people who have been to space would want an astronaut tattoo.

This could be something as simple as a tattoo of themselves in their spacesuit or a unique design related to their training or the process of getting to space.

In addition to actual astronauts, you might also see NASA tattoos on people. Regardless of the design, an astronaut tattoo is a symbol of someone who has ventured into the unknown and come back with tales of their experience.

An astronaut tattoo can also symbolize someone’s dream of becoming an astronaut. If space and everything related to it has always been an interest of yours, then getting an astronaut tattoo is a way of expressing that.

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It could also be a way of paying tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to exploring space. For some people, getting an astronaut tattoo is simply a way of showing their support for the space program.

Meaning Of Astronaut Tattoo

Astronauts are a symbol of human achievement and exploration. However, knowing astronaut tattoo meaning is as important as the tattoo itself. These tattoos can have a variety of different meanings, depending on the wearer’s connection to the concept of space.

For some, it may be a reminder to pursue their dreams. For others, it may symbolize patriotism and a love of adventure. Whatever the meaning, an astronaut tattoo is sure to be an eye-catching design.

Let’s take a closer look at the deeper meaning of astronaut tattoos.


Astronaut tattoos are more popular among those who are fascinated by space than stars, planets, and galaxies. Whether you choose a small astronaut tattoo or one that is part of a larger design, you can represent your love for astronauts in any way you like.

Anyhow, the tattoo conveys a love of space to the wearer.


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Patriotism can also be symbolized by an astronaut tattoo. American astronaut Alan Shepard was the first to go into space as part of the Mercury program. Afterward, Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon.

Aiming For The Stars

To encourage people to pursue their dreams, the phrase “shoot for the stars” is often used. Astronaut tattoos can serve as a reminder that no dream is too big or impossible. You can keep this tattoo on your body as a daily reminder to keep reaching for the stars if you have your heart set on becoming an astronaut.

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A Sense Of Adventure

Astronaut tattoos may appeal to people who enjoy thrills. It’s no secret that astronauts are adventurous. To explore new territory, they are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. It’s the perfect way to show how much you love adventures if you have an astronaut tattoo.

Love For Sci-Fi

Science fiction is a passion for many people, so astronaut tattoos are simply a way to express it. A movie, TV show, or book featuring astronauts as the main character might inspire them. Whatever the case may be, these tattoos demonstrate the wearer’s interest in space.

A Reminder Of A Loved One

A loved one who was an astronaut or aspired to be one may inspire some people to get an astronaut tattoo. In addition to serving as a reminder that you are always with them, this tattoo can keep them close to your heart.

A Symbol Of Exploration

Astronaut tattoos are symbols of exploration at their core. It represents the desire to explore the unknown and discover new things. In some cultures, this tattoo reminds people to explore the world to the fullest and live life to the fullest.

A Connection To The Cosmos

There is a strong belief that humans and the cosmos are connected. In addition to symbolizing this belief, an astronaut tattoo can serve as a reminder of our connection to the universe.

Overall, an astronaut tattoo is a design that is very cool and unique. It can also quite difficult to remove due to the often complex design, so if you choose this tattoo, be sure that you are committed to it.

Astronaut Tattoo Designs & Ideas

If you are thinking about getting an astronaut tattoo, then we have got you covered. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular astronaut tattoo ideas and their meanings.

Astronaut Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism: All You Need To Know (2)

This tattoo design is a popular type of astronaut tattoo. It usually features an astronaut helmet with stars or other space-related elements. The meaning of this tattoo varies depending on the individual, but it often symbolizes exploration, courage, and ambition.

Astronaut Floating in Space Tattoo

This design is a more creative take on the astronaut helmet tattoo. It features an astronaut floating in space, often surrounded by stars or other space-related elements.

This astronaut tattoo can represent many things, such as freedom, dreams, and limitless potential.

Astronaut and Diver Tattoo Meaning

This tattoo is a unique design that combines two seemingly disparate elements: an astronaut and a diver. The meaning of this tattoo can vary depending on the individual, but it often symbolizes the courage to explore new frontiers and push boundaries.

Watercolor Astronaut Tattoo

Astronaut Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism: All You Need To Know (3)

Watercolor tattoos are a beautiful and unique way to show your personality. They are also a great way to show your love for the stars.

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Astronauts are a popular subject for watercolor tattoos. They are often seen as a symbol of hope, exploration, and adventure.

Astronaut With Universe Tattoo

An astronaut tattoo with the universe in the background can be a reminder of how small we are in comparison to the vastness of space. It is said that people are just a speck of sand compared to the universe.

This tattoo might help someone remember that their problems are not as big as they seem. It can be a reminder that we are all just a tiny part of something much bigger.

Astronaut Tattoos Black And White

Astronaut Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism: All You Need To Know (4)

Something is intriguing about black and white tattoos. They have a classic look that never goes out of style. What’s more, the contrast and aging make them last longer – especially if you’re into realism or surrealism.

In these cases, you need those sharp edges to keep the tattoo together. Black and white astronaut tattoos fit this bill. They look amazing and are sure to turn heads.

Astronaut On The Moon Tattoo

Astronaut Tattoo Meaning & Symbolism: All You Need To Know (5)

The Astronaut on the Moon tattoo is a design that symbolizes human achievement and exploration. This tattoo is often chosen by those who have an interest in space travel or who have served in the military or as first responders. The Astronaut on the Moon tattoo can also be seen as a tribute to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty.


There you have it. Whatever the astronaut tattoo meaning is for you, we hope that you found some inspiration from our list of Astronaut Tattoo designs and ideas.

Overall, astronaut tattoos are a popular choice for those who want to show their love of space and adventure. They can represent many things, such as exploration, courage, and ambition.

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There are many different designs to choose from, so you can find one that perfectly suits your personality. Whether you want a simple design or something more intricate, there is an astronaut tattoo out there for you.

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Are there astronauts with tattoos? ›

Myths about astronaut requirements

As a teenager, I was told that getting a tattoo would mean I could never be an astronaut. This is not at all true. In fact, some Apollo astronauts were given tattoos– small dots to show where defibrillator pads should be placed in case of a medical emergency.

What does a planet tattoo mean? ›

Planet-themed tattoos also hold a multitude of meanings. In astrology, they rule over different parts of our psyche such as communication, relationships, and ambition. On the other hand, they can simply stand for a piece in astronomy that you treasure or resonate with.

What moon tattoo means? ›

Universally, the moon is the symbol of growth and change. Moreover, it symbolizes the night and passing of time, and it is a very popular image in tattoo art, unlike the sun as the symbol of permanency and eternal life.

What does a galaxy tattoo mean? ›

Having a galaxy or cosmic tattoo anticipates that your love for a person is like a universe. From the beginning to the end of life, he or she is your one and only. Despite the copious stars out in the universe, you picked him or her as your partner for life.

What skills do you need to be an astronaut? ›

Skills and knowledge needed to become an astronaut
  • Physical skills such as grace, agility and coordination.
  • The ability to work under intense pressure.
  • Excellent observation of details.
  • The ability to record these detailed observations.
  • The ability to control and operate equipment.
  • Leadership skills.
20 May 2021

What degree do astronauts need? ›

Educational Requirements

All astronaut candidates must be U.S. citizens and must have bachelor's degrees from accredited institutions in engineering, biological science, physical science or mathematics.

What does Saturn symbolize in tattoo? ›

So, Saturn tattoos are symbols of hard work or love for Agriculture and Nature. In astrology, Saturn is considered a symbol of patience and deep thinking. So, you can get this tattoo to keep yourself reminded to stay calm and have patience.

What does the Jupiter tattoo mean? ›

Suggested as a governing planet, Jupiter is said to point out your faults and truths, abundances and lack thereof, and a search for general knowledge. Jupiter is about understanding your environment and planet and seeking out how to better both.

What does a Saturn tattoo meaning? ›

Overall, we can say the that the Saturn tattoo meaning represents: – Stubbornness. – Time. – Labor. – Stability.

What does Lotus tattoo mean? ›

Lotus flowers symbolize a number of different things, making them unique and highly personal tattoos. In general, the flower is believed to represent rising above temptation and becoming a better person. In Hindu belief, lotus flowers are referred to as Padma and symbolize beauty, purity, and spiritual awakening.

What does a triangle tattoo mean? ›

Key Takeaways. Triangle tattoos symbolize connection, harmony, creativity, wisdom, and growth. In the spiritual sense, it also refers to the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

What does a sun tattoo symbolize? ›

A sun tattoo means different things to various cultures, but the most common symbolism is light and rebirth. Without the sun, we would not exist on earth, so it also represents the balance of life.

What is a negative space tattoo? ›

What are they? Negative space tattoos are tattoos that put an emphasis on an image by contrasting your skin with black or coloured ink. They are essentially a reverse image, using your skin as the main subject.

What is the meaning of a owl tattoo? ›

Owl Tattoo Meaning

An owl tattoo can symbolize many things, including wisdom, mystery, and magic. In Native American cultures, owls are often associated with the afterlife and are considered spiritual guides.

What does an asterisk tattoo mean? ›

It also represents the revolutions of time, stars, planets and is the way of natural progress. Symbolic tattoo meaning. 6. ASTERISK - the symbol of the stars and our celestial brothers and sisters from outside the earth.

What are 5 facts about astronauts? ›

5 Fun Facts About Astronauts
  • Astronauts wear diapers. ...
  • Astronaut literally means "Star Sailor" in Latin. ...
  • Astronauts have to train to use the toilet. ...
  • You have to learn Russian to be on the International Space Station. ...
  • An astronaut lost his wedding ring on the moon once and found it during a space walk.

What is the average IQ of astronauts? ›

Their IQs ranged from 130 to 145, with a mean of 136. Even before they had accomplished anything they became instant heroes to small boys and other hero-worshipers around the world.

Do astronauts get paid for life? ›

Ultimately, while astronauts' salaries are generally modest while they're working, they can still sometimes get a hefty payout once they retire from active duty. In short: no, astronauts do not get paid for life.

Who is the youngest astronaut? ›

Alyssa Carson
BornMarch 10, 2001 Hammond, Louisiana, U.S.
EducationEmbry–Riddle Aeronautical University Florida Institute of Technology
2 more rows

How much salary does an astronaut get? ›

According the US government's 2020 pay scales and a NASA job listing, a civilian astronaut in 2020 can earn between $66,167 and $161,141 per year. However, active military service members can earn more through additional benefits they bring with them to NASA's astronaut corps.

What does moon and sun tattoo mean? ›

The sun and moon tattoo is a representation of two opposing powers - life & death, good & bad, femininity & masculinity.

Why does Adele have Saturn tattoo on her arm? ›

Fans couldn't help but wonder about the significance behind Adele's Saturn tattoo and Saturn earrings. Apparently, both Adele's tattoo and earrings have something to do with her Saturn Return, which she called her "year of anxiety."

What is Adele's planet tattoo? ›

On her right arm, Adele has a tattoo of the planet Saturn, which she attributes to her Saturn return. In astrology, a Saturn return occurs every 27 to 29.5 years, and represents new beginnings. Everyone hits their Saturn return between the ages of 27 and 30.

What is the symbol of Uranus? ›

The symbol for Uranus is represented by combined devices indicating the Sun plus the spear of Mars, as Uranus was the personification of heaven in Greek mythology, dominated by the light of the Sun and the power of Mars.

What does snake tattoo mean? ›

It symbolizes the changing seasons of life and the cyclical nature of the universe. Historically and across cultures, serpents represent fertility and creative life force. Since they shed their skins, they are apt symbols of transformation, rebirth, healing, and immortality.

What butterfly tattoo means? ›

Butterfly tattoos symbolize femininity and beauty in their rarest forms. As with most insects, the butterfly's life is fleeting. Butterfly tattoos can symbolize a loved one that passed away. Butterflies go through a metamorphosis during their lifetime, as do some people in a metaphorical way.

What is Adele's tattoo on her hand? ›

Adele also has a cursive "A" behind her right ear and her son's name, Angelo, on her right hand, in addition to the word "Paradise" on her left hand. Her largest tattoo, a flock of birds on her back, is faintly visible in the second photo Adele posted of herself on Wednesday, which shows her swimming.

What is the meaning of Saturn planet? ›

The farthest planet from Earth discovered by the unaided human eye, Saturn has been known since ancient times. The planet is named for the Roman god of agriculture and wealth, who was also the father of Jupiter.

What does Saturn mean in astrology? ›

"Saturn is about maturity, responsibility, discipline, and stewardship," says Jennifer Freed, PhD, psychological astrologer and author of Use Your Planets Wisely. "Look at each sign and what it means to be mature using its archetypal energy."

What tattoo means strength? ›

Animal Tattoo Design (Eagle, Wolf, Lion Design)

Animal tattoos are generally known to depict strength, power, dominance, leadership, independence, etc. These tattoos often have strong, very bold design, and are large in size. All of this makes them stay in the line of the symbolism they're trying to portray.

What symbolizes overcoming struggle? ›

The lotus symbolizes growing and overcoming obstacles, hardship, and whatever life throws at you.

What does a crescent moon tattoo mean? ›

Crescent moons, in particular, represent motherhood and fertility, though several different communities claim the symbol. It can also be symbolic of growth, creativity, and manifestation.

What does a 3 dot tattoo on the hand mean? ›

The three dots tattoo is a common prison tattoo that represents “mi vida loca,” or “my crazy life.” It's not associated with any particular gang, but with the gang lifestyle itself. This tattoo is typically found on the hands or around the eyes.

What does two upside down triangles mean? ›

This downward double triangle on a female can symbolize their femininity, maternity, Earth, mother nature, and the cosmic world. Two downward facing triangles can represent all of these things and be a reminder to the individual that they are the supporters of life.

What does a pineapple tattoo mean? ›

In the American South, for example, the fruit is considered a symbol of warmth, welcome, and hospitality, so a pineapple tattoo may represent a sense of home or something personally familiar. They can also symbolize affection, so it's a great idea for a couple or best friend tattoo.

What does a dragonfly symbolize in tattoos? ›

Peace and Harmony

They're non-aggressive, tranquil, and calming to watch, which makes them a perfect choice for a symbol of peace. In Chinese culture, harmony is just one of many meanings the dragonfly carries. That's why so many tattoos carry a connotation of peace and harmony with them.

What does compass tattoo mean? ›

Compass tattoos are a universal symbol for direction in life, and the symbolic choices that we make. A compass tattoo can be the mark of an explorer, a symbolic image, and is often both. There is a spiritual value in getting lost, but nothing compares to the feeling of finding your way back again.

What does a half sun tattoo mean? ›

While most sun tattoo designs focus on the whole sun, a half sun can have a whole other meaning as it connotes either sunrise or sunset. This can represent ideas associated with dawn, like new life, or likewise can represent ideas associated with dusk like finality.

Can you have tattoos working for NASA? ›

Piercings, tattoos, inventive hair styles, etc. are all welcomed.

Can astronauts have alcohol in space? ›

Alcoholic drinks are generally disallowed in spaceflight, but space agencies have previously allowed its consumption. NASA has been stricter about alcohol consumption than the Roscosmos, both according to regulations and in practice. Astronauts and cosmonauts are restricted from being intoxicated at launch.

Can astronauts have asthma? ›

The study, published in the journal Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, found that average people with “common medical problems” like high blood pressure and asthma will probably be just fine in outer space. You might not need to be a superhuman after all.

How many years of college does it take to be an astronaut? ›

How long does it take to become an astronaut? Approximately 10 years. It breaks down to four years for college, two years for a master's degree, two years of professional experience and then two years in the NASA Astronaut Corps.

Can you become an astronaut at 35? ›

There are no age restrictions for the program. Astronaut candidates selected in the past have ranged between the ages of 26 and 46, with the average age being 34.

Are astronauts fit? ›

The astronauts on the ISS (there are usually six) have to work out two hours every day. They spend about an hour exercising their legs and heart by pedaling a stationary bike and running on a treadmill. The computerized treadmill is not the kind you would see at a local gym.

Do female astronauts wear bras in space? ›

Women don't wear bras primarily for support, they're also worn as a thick layer of coverage so detailed outlines are not visible. Although the support portion may not be necessary in space, in a professional setting the extra layer of coverage may still be preferred by some.

Do astronauts have periods in space? ›

Despite the lack of gravity, periods happen normally in space and do not cause 'reverse flow' as once feared.

What do astronauts drink? ›

Astronauts mainly drink water while in space, but flavoured drinks are also available. Freeze-dried drink mixes such as coffee or tea, lemonade and orange juice are provided in vacuum sealed pouches. The astronauts then add water to the beverage pouch through the pressurised hose and suck the drink through a straw.

What is the average IQ of an astronaut? ›

Their IQs ranged from 130 to 145, with a mean of 136.

What can stop you from being an astronaut? ›

Through my research, I've seen being outside of a certain height range, having too high blood pressure, and having vision that can't be corrected to at least 20/20 can all disqualify you from being an astronaut through NASA.

Are there astronauts with ADHD? ›

there is an astronaut with ADHD, and maybe you've heard his name: Scott Kelly. He talked openly about his attention issues here in this article. Scott grew up with ADHD, and it made getting through school a constant uphill battle.


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