Let me tell you something about Khal Drogo. (2022)

Yes, the big strong scary warlord everyone loves to hate for something that never even really happened. The barbarian king whose sole function in the show seemed to be snarling at everybody in Dothraki, ripping people’s throats out and treating Mrs Drogo like a glorified whore. That one. Let me tell you some things about him that the fandom (especially show-watchers) MUST understand before making their judgments on him.

1. Khal Drogo DID. NOT. RAPE. HIS. WIFE. I would include a screenshot of the exact scene from the book, which would prove my point once and for all, but since it’s quite a mature-rated scene, I feel uncomfortable to do so on a public blog. Therefore, I will merely summarise it thus-

Daenerys Targaryen spends about two whole pages watching her new husband in the moonlight and drooling over his incredible hotness. After which he asks her to assist him in undoing his braided hair and she does so rather eagerly, accompanied by a vivid description of how gorgeous his hair is (to such an extent that being a girl I found myself becoming truly envious of a man’s hair for the first time). Now, once the hair is undone and the bells are removed (oh, right, that wasn’t in the show. Dothraki wear bells in their braids to signify the number of victories they have won. Needless to say, the Khal had about dozens of ‘em), Drogo evidently senses his young wife’s trepidation and proceeds to gently, GENTLY attempt to relax her into a fit state for persuasion. At a certain point, he asks her if she doesn’t want it, using the only English word he seems to know (“No?”), to which she responds with quite an enthusiastic “Yes.”

(Video) Game of Thrones - Khal Drogo Gift to Rhaego

As to why the show producers thought it fit to completely destroy this actually-quite-romantic scene and turn it into a horrible experience for both the female character and the viewers, I will never really know, but I sure can make a few guesses. Based on how they portrayed Daenerys throughout the first season, it would seem that they were trying to get a sympathy vote for her from people who are unfamiliar with the book series.

Or maybe it goes even deeper. Judging from the fact that Harry Lloyd, who played Viserys Targaryen, was included in the main cast list that comes in the introduction clip even though his role was quite minor as compared to Jason Momoa’s (Drogo), but the latter’s name was included with an ‘Also Starring’ at the END credits, AFTER all the supporting actors such as Elyes Gabel (Rakharo) and Amrita Acharia (Irri), I cannot help but feel that the show people were somewhat biased against the role. That, in combination with the fact that the Dothraki were based on Mongol tribes, seems very dangerously inclined towards racism. I don’t want to make any accusations here, but when you take a non-white character and eliminate a LOT of his good qualities, making him seem like a veritable monster, I really don’t know what else to think. Let’s not even get started on the fact that as far as I recall, most of the non-white actors were not included in the main cast list despite the importance of their roles in the show.

2. Khal Drogo LISTENED. TO. HIS. WIFE. When I put forth this argument to a Drogo-hater, he immediately responded with ‘letting her face him during the act only works in his favour, that’s not counted’. Suuuure, let us completely ignore the fact that the Dothraki, as a people, are fiercely proud of their culture and traditions and any deviance from them is largely frowned upon. One such tradition is that of 'women should be seen and not heard’. Have you ever, even once, seen the Khal telling his wife to shut up, be quiet, let the men speak? Even once? Robert Baratheon, on the other hand, did that quite openly to his own wife Cersei. I never see HIM getting any hate. Or is it totally okay if you’re a highborn king? Please explain this logic.

(Video) Khal Drogo Swears For His Khaleesi

Some aspects in which the Khal let his wife speak her mind and not only listened to her, but changed his decisions based on what she said:

-The Lhazareen women. Remember the shepherd village the Dothraki conquered? Daenerys protested against one of Drogo’s main men raping the witch Mirri Maz Duur. And what did Drogo say? Initially he was like 'but this is how it’s always been’. Because that’s how he was raised. That’s what he was taught all his life. BUT, when Daenerys put forth a compelling argument, he not only listened to her and ordered his men to obey her, he was PROUD of her for speaking her mind bravely. (Sure, he attributed this development to baby Rhaego who was growing in her belly at the time, but that does not change the fact that he appreciated her increasingly bold and fierce attitude, whereas his tribesmen ridiculed him for 'taking orders from a woman’. That says a LOT about the change Daenerys was bringing in Drogo’s overall attitude and personality.)

-The Iron Throne. Need I say more? As a rule, a very strict rule, the Dothraki do not involve themselves in the affairs of foreigners and foreign kingdoms. The very idea of crossing the sea, for ANYTHING, is absolutely ludicrous to them. Indeed, the very idea of any transportation other than horses, except in the case of old or disabled people and very small children, is laughable. And when Daenerys tells him of her wish to retake the Iron Throne for herself and Rhaego, Drogo tells her as much. 'The stallion who mounts the world has no need for iron chairs’. Why? Because that’s what his culture has taught him, that’s the outlook he’s grown up with.

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BUT, when Daenerys and Rhaego narrowly escaped death (a death which, let us not forget, the poor-sweet-sad Ser Jorah would have been responsible for, because he was the one who blabbed to Robert where they were in the first place), Drogo swore to go and conquer Westeros and secure the Iron Throne for Rhaego. FOR. RHAEGO. Not for himself. Please note that. Drogo himself is not remotely interested in the Seven Kingdoms or in that ugly 'ador shiqethi’, but he wants it for Rhaego BECAUSE. DAENERYS. WANTS. IT. He almost lost the two people he loves most because of these foreign men in iron suits, and for that, he will take revenge. And to take this revenge, he will do what NO KHAL HAS DONE BEFORE. He will throw all the traditions and norms he was born with straight out the window because dammit, nobody messes with the moon of his life and his little stallion and gets away with it.

3. Khal Drogo LOVED. HIS. WIFE. No matter what you say or think about this man, this is one thing you absolutely cannot deny. He doesn’t call her 'jalan atthirari anni’ for the hell of it. He honestly, sincerely MEANS it and has proved so time and time again. I have heard from people that real love is impossible in an arranged marriage, but let me tell you, Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen stand right up there with Lord Ned and Lady Catelyn Stark to defy this logic. Let us look at a few little instances which show that Khal Drogo loved his wife (not in any order).

-Let’s start with my favourite. Even as Drogo taught Daenerys to speak Dothraki, he learned English from her. Not only that, he made it a point to SPEAK to her in English to the best of his abilities because that’s the language she’s comfortable with. The show portrays her as speaking flawless Dothraki in a relatively short time, but the book series take a more realistic approach- she is only just fluent enough to be able to communicate decently with everybody. Also, on the show, the only time Drogo is shown speaking English is when he gives Viserys that Gold Bucket Challenge, saying 'A crown for a king’. Of course, they very conveniently left out the NUMEROUS times he attempted to speak to Daenerys (whom he haltingly calls 'Dan Ares’ cause let’s face it, Valyrian names are one heck of a lot harder to pronounce than the considerably simpler Dothraki ones) in the broken English he’s managed to learn. Why did he do that? Cause she took the time to teach him and he wants to give her the satisfaction of knowing the efforts are paying off, that he’s actually learning what she’s teaching. Also, he knows she isn’t completely attuned to Dothraki just yet and therefore, he makes a conscious effort to speak to her in the language she understands properly, despite his own lack of fluency in it. The only explanation I can think of for this part being ignored in the show adaptation is that it shows an aspect of Drogo’s personality that I personally find totally adorable, and that’s something that doesn’t exactly gel with the Hulk-smash image they built of him on the show.

(Video) Moon of my life. Are you hurt? / Daenerys & Drogo.

-The poisoned-wine episode. Who came to Daenerys asking frantically 'moon of my life, are you hurt?’ Oh, that’s right. The guy whom people like to call a beast (and not in a flattering way either). Please bear in mind that he could have just asked whoever delivered the news whether his wife was okay. He could have killed that wine merchant first and THEN seen to Daenerys, as would have been an understandable behaviour from a terrifying warlord. But, here’s the thing- he DIDN’T. He came and just glared at the wine guy before hurrying to Daenerys and asking her personally, with very visible panic, if she was hurt. Why? Because he needs to know it from HER, not anyone else. He needs HER to look him in the eye and assure him that she’s fine. Please note, show-watchers, that Drogo didn’t breathe easily until Daenerys smiled and nodded. When she does, he lets out this huge, AUDIBLE breath of relief and kisses her head. If all the hype about forehead kisses is even remotely true, that alone should be enough to tell you how he feels about her.

-I can only state these two primary points for this particular argument because these are the main things that happen just-because-he-loves-her. In truth, all of my arguments in this post are, in essence, centred around the fact that Khal Drogo loved his wife. However, those points had other aspects which were more prominent, such as his respect of her decisions, his care and consideration for her, and his admiration of her growth as a person and the huge development of her character (which was DEFINITELY influenced by him despite what people may say. She sure as hell didn’t learn all that from Viserys, did she?).

4. Khal Drogo HAD. THE. MOST. PAINFUL. DEATH. POSSIBLE. FOR. HIM. I have heard people complaining that Khal Drogo’s death was not gruesome enough, that he deserved a much more horrible ending for “being a barbaric rapist”. To them I say… WHAT?

(Video) Khal Drogo Killing Viserys - A Crown For A King - Game of Thrones 1x06 (HD)

People ooh and aah about Daenerys being 'the Unburnt’ and whatnot. What about Khal Drogo being the Undefeated? That wasn’t the product of any superpower that was used for nothing but taking scalding baths and hatching dragons. That was entirely the product of his skill, his prowess. For such a man, what more painful death do you want than him being unable to move or even speak for quite a while before his wife finally set him free, even as it broke her heart to do it? The man who was mumbling about 'Get my steed, I must ride’ even on his freaking deathbed, what more pain do you want for him apart from his own body, the body which was always his greatest strength, becoming his jail? What more horror do you want for that unstoppable spirit, more than being stuffed in a cage that was once a home? Imagine a wild horse locked in a trunk for days on end before finally being suffocated to death. That was what happened to Khal Drogo. If you want something more horrible than that, for something he didn’t even really do, feel free to invent your own methods of torture.

After all this, I only have one more thing to say. The next time you hear a girl say she wants a husband like Khal Drogo the Undefeated, please understand that all that stuff above is what she means. I’m DONE now.


What does Khal Drogo say to khaleesi? ›

Khal Drogo was "sun and stars" to his Khaleesi, and in turn, she was the "moon of his life." Whether it's in Dothraki or in the Common Tongue of the Seven Kingdoms, I need to hear him say "moon of my life" at least one more time. Plus, Daenerys' title has gotten a bit wordy.

What is the age difference between Khal Drogo and Daenerys? ›

There was a 15-year age difference between Daenerys Targaryen and her older husband, Khal Drogo, on HBO's "Game of Thrones."

Who was Khal Drogo based on? ›

Well obviously there are a whole bunch of similarities between Khal Drogo and Genghis Khan, but today I was browsing TIL and saw that Genghis Khan executed the emperor of Khwarezmia by pouring molten silver into his eyes and ears, pretty much just like how Khal Drogo kills Viserys in GoT.

Why did Khal Drogo marry Daenerys? ›

In the story, Daenerys is in her early teens living in exile in Essos. She remains dependent on her abusive older brother, Viserys, and is forced to marry Dothraki horselord Khal Drogo in exchange for an army for Viserys, who wishes to return to Westeros and recapture the Iron Throne.

Did Drogo really love Daenerys? ›

I got the impression (initially) that Drogo was just a savage and he wanted her because she was pretty, blonde, and pure. I got the impression that he liked her in a lusty way. He initially doesn't seem to care what Dany thinks or does, and just uses her for sex. But over time, he truly seems to fall in love with her.

Did Daenerys love Drogo the most? ›

Yes. Drogo did not enslave her, she is called a queen Khaleesi and treated as such. She loved him and felt safe around him, that is why she names the dragon Drogon. What Drogo and Daenerys had was true love that persevered, she never calls him a rapist or monster.

What killed Drogo? ›

Weeping, Daenerys smothers Drogo with a pillow to end his misery. She has her dragon eggs placed beside Drogo on his funeral pyre, then orders Jorah to bind Duur to it as well, and she is burned alive.

Why did Daenerys baby have scales? ›

After Rhaego's father, Drogo, becomes sick from an infected wound, the sorceress Mirri Maz Duur saves Drogo's life by using blood magic. One of the effects of that magic is that Rhaego dies right before birth. He was inhuman, hideously deformed and covered in dragon-like scales.

Was Khal Drogo the strongest Khal? ›

was the most powerful Khal in the Dothraki sea, with a khalasar of forty thousand warriors and he had never been defeated in battle.

What did Dany and Drogo call each other? ›

With many idolising the affectionate terms in which Drogo and Daenerys refer to each other - Drogo: ”Yer Jalan Atthirari Anni ("Moon of My Life" in Dothraki)" Daenerys: ”Sheikh Ma Shieraki Anni ("My Sun and Stars" in Dothraki)" - it might be worth re-evaluating the relationship between the warlord and the 'wife' he ...

What are the Dothraki saying? ›

English: "Say hello to my little friend." Dothraki: "Astas 'M'athchomaroon' okeosaan naqisa anni." English: "Ride or die." Dothraki: "Che dothras che drivos."

How do you say Moon of my life in Dothraki? ›

Yer jalan atthirari anni.

Spoken to a female, this expression means, "You are the moon of my life."

What does Moon of my life mean? ›

Khal Drogo refers to Dany as “moon of my life.” The moon does not have its own light, it merely reflects the light of the sun. Dany shines brighter than the rest, but still less than he does, and only in direct influence from Khal Drogo.


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