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Chapter 6: He Sleeps With Me

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Bo Silin raised his eyes slowly. “I’m injured. I can’t move,” he said. His low and hoarse voice had a natural allure, causing people to have naughty wild thoughts.

[I’m getting pregnant from his voice!]

[Everyone listen, I’m just saying that no one else has a voice like my baby Bo!!!]

[Can Su Feifei get lost? I’m so annoyed just looking at her!]

Only Su Feifei remained unfazed and sized him up with cold eyes.

“Where are you hurt?” She asked.

Bo Silin stared at her and pulled his shirt up.

[Wait, is this something that we can watch for free???]

[Baby Bo, you’re not treating us as outsiders, hahahaha.]

However, the expected erotic scene did not appear.

They saw a huge footprint on his abdominal muscles, and there were obvious bruises on his stomach.

It was Su Feifei’s kick that afternoon that caused it.

Su Feifei’s imposing manner instantly weakened and she frowned.

How could he work in the future if he couldn’t take a beating?

However, since she was the one who started the fight and caused the injury, Su Feifei didn’t say anything and turned to Xiao He in order to preserve her team members’ strength.

Xiao He immediately stood up straight and subconsciously said, “I’m here! What do you want me to do?”

[F*ck, stop treating her nicely!]

[Xiao He, be tough!]

[Protect my baby!]

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[My baby must be so aggrieved... It’s bad enough that he participated in this program for the charity fund in the mountains, but he’s also being abused by Su Feifei!]

[Let’s get Su Feifei out of the entertainment industry!]

Su Feifei threw the tent to Xiao He. “You’ll do it with me then.”

In other words, Bo Silin could rest now. Bo Silin’s lips curved into a smile as he lowered his shirt. His gaze swept past her back, deep in thought.

This was getting interesting.

She had a huge change in temperament and everything was not according to the plot... Was there a problem with the character?

If there was a problem, could it be the key to leaving this book world?

On the other hand, putting in a tent was a new thing Xiao He. Su Feifei studied it for a while and soon finished it. Then she found that the waterproof bag outside the tent was tattered and not much different from a broken roof.

Su Feifei frowned. The ants on the ground were in groups, as if they were running away from something.

“Xiao He.”


“Go find some palm leaves,” Su Feifei said concisely. “It’s going to rain later.”

Xiao He looked at the cloudless sky and asked, “Feifei, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain?”

“I can’t explain it clearly,” Su Feifei said. “Just do it.”

T̺͆h̺͆i̺͆s̺͆ c̺͆h̺͆a̺͆p̺͆t̺͆e̺͆r̺͆ u̺͆p̺͆l̺͆o̺͆a̺͆d̺͆ f̺͆i̺͆r̺͆s̺͆t̺͆ a̺͆t̺͆ n̺͆o̺͆v̺͆e̺͆l̺͆-̺͆b̺͆i̺͆n̺͆.̺͆c̺͆o̺͆m̺͆

She had been out fighting in the trenches for so long that she could roughly predict when it would rain as long as she stretched out her hand to feel the humidity in the air.

Not to mention, this body had a sensitive sense of smell. In less than an hour, the camp would have heavy rain. For now, no one believed her.

The comments flooded as well and had a huge reaction to this.

[It’s starting again, she’s starting to act again, disgusting!]

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[She’s so arrogant, my gosh!]

[You’re the Goddess of Thunder and Goddess of Lightning, you’re awesome. You can make it rain whenever you want.]

[I’m dying of laughter. What’s happening.]

[Don’t you know that tropical rainforests have high evaporation rates? it’s normal for water droplets to condense here.]

[Even I’m not as confident as you.]

Xiao He had no choice but to look for palm leaves as if he had resigned himself to fate. He also wanted to find the iron tree and pick a few leaves.

In the wilderness, he had to find something to stack the leaves.

The news spread like wildfire throughout the camp. Everyone looked at Su Feifei with a little more disdain and sympathy for Xiao He.

Then, the crowd dispersed as they had no time to gossip and had to tend to their own broken tents. That was because soon enough, it did start to rain.

“Director, why is my tent broken?”

“Director, what’s going on? My tent is also leaking!”

Everyone’s mood was on edge, and they were about to rebel on the spot.

Director Liu stood up with a smile and said, “There’s a chance that some tents are broken, and it’s all up to luck what you get. However, you can change your tent by doing quests in exchange for points.”

The crowd clamored.

“How are we going to sleep tonight?”

[This is too much!]

[Is our baby going to sleep in a tent like this tonight?]

[Director, where is your humanity?!]

[Wow, there’s no food and you guys are sleeping in this kind of place. You guys won’t stop until you’re sick, right?]

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Shen Ruoqing carefully checked her tent and found no holes. She heaved a sigh of relief. She turned to look at Su Feifei and found that she had a tattered tent.

Shen Ruoqing was secretly happy with that result. As expected, b*tches were worthy of nothing!

Not long after, Xiao He returned.

Xiao He was drenched in sweat. He panted as he handed the palm leaves to Su Feifei. Su Feifei took the leaves and realized that Xiao He’s hands were full of scars, which looked very sad.

“You’ve worked hard.” Su Feifei took the iron leaf and quickly tidied up the palm leaves, she was ready to fix the holes in the waterproof cover.

Xiao He grinned. “It’s no trouble at all. I’m very happy to work for you Feifei!”

Su Feifei glanced at Xiao He and nodded.

This subordinate of his was not bad. Unlike the other one...

She glanced to the side and saw Bo Silin who was leisurely disinfecting his hands. She shook her head.

Repairing the tent was very simple. She only needed to combine the iron leaf and palm leaf together. The iron leaf was equivalent to a needle and thread, and the palm leaf was equivalent to cloth.

Su Feifei finished her work and was done.

Shen Ruoqing’s tent had been set up. The scene was very chaotic. Everyone was busy with their own things. A staff member threw a ball of paper in front of her amidst the chaos.

Shen Ruoqing opened the ball of paper and a small packet of powder fell out. On the back of the paper was written, “You know what this is used for.” It was signed with an S.

The temperature was more than 30 degrees, and Shen Ruoqing’s back was covered in a cold sweat.

She quickly put away the powder and looked in Su Feifei’s direction.

Tonight... She had to act quickly!

On the other side, after the tents were set up, everyone was exhausted and sat under the trees in twos and threes to rest.

Su Feifei ignored Xiao He’s attempts to stop her and opened the tent.

“Sis, there are three of us. How are we going to sleep in the same tent?” Xiao He said.

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Su Feifei spread the tent she had open on top of the other two tents, just enough to block those holes.

She stopped what she was doing and pondered for a while. Then, she said indifferently, “Bo Silin will sleep with me.”

[I’m dumbfounded. Are you serious?]

[What did she say? Am I hearing things?]

Xiao He shivered and was stunned. Bo Silin also turned to look at her.

“Well, you see...” Xiao He suggested, “Why don’t I sleep with Bo, and you sleep alone...”

“No, Bo Silin, come with me.” Su Feifei spoke again and emphasized her command.

The comments exploded.

The director saw the sudden increase in the number of people and asked in confusion, “How come the numbers on Su Feifei’s live stream skyrocketed? Cut to her image.”

After the incident with Su Feifei roasting the rabbit, the director had arranged for everyone to be followed by drones.

“Yes Sir!” The assistant quickly switched to the scene on Su Feifei’s side.

“W-why don’t... Why don’t I sleep with you?” Xiao He gritted his teeth and said after a while.

He was going all out!

They all knew that Su Feifei was a love-struck fool, and he couldn’t just let Bo be taken advantage of, could he?

He would rather be the one to go!

Su Feifei stared at Xiao He’s desperate look and frowned.

“Do you not understand? I said he’s with me.” Su Feifei insisted.

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